A great relationship protects against depression and anxiety, helps us live longer, be emotionally and physically well. It allows us the capacity to express ourselves and be loved for who we truly are. Children in great relationships perform better on every measure, educationally, emotionally, physically, financially and in their own adult relationships.

Relationships however are not easy and have the power to hurt as well as heal. We all struggle in our relationships at times and we can believe things can never get better. There is hope. Even long term hurt and damaged relationships can be turned around, healed or reinvented with proven evidence based strategies and skills.

We have studied with relationship experts in Australia and internationally, with people like the Gottman Institute, Ellyn Bader from The couples institute and we know the skills and strategies necessary to give people the best chance of creating a sustaining, connected and loving relationship.

Positive Relationships are essential for our wellbeing and ability to flourish in life. Whilst good communication and conflict resolution skills are useful in maintaining relationships there are many other behaviours and skills required to ensure a growing healthy relationship.

Noel and Deborah Walker have worked and lived together for over 30 years and understand what skills and behaviours’ you need that contribute to a loving and enriching relationship.

Our work in the area of relationships is informed by the work of John Gottman at the Gottman Institute and the work of Michael Yapko and Dr Dan Siegel.

Relationship services we provide:

  • Building Positive Rewarding Relationships
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Family Counseling


If your important relationships are causing more hurt than joy then we can help. If you want to really enjoy life and Flourish we can help. Please contact us on 1800 022 006 to arrange your FREE 20-minute consultation.


Health Rebates


The Medicare system can provide a full or partial rebate (depending on whether the counselling is bulk billed or a gap is paid) for counselling to individuals who are eligible. An assessment and referral is required from a GP under the Better Access Mental Health Treatment Plan. Up to 10 sessions are available for rebate, within a single calendar year.

Private Health Insurance

Take the time to check with your fund to ensure Psychological services are covered. Many Insurance organisations require you to have opted into this cover rather than being automatically covered as part of the ‘extras’ cover.


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